The Grand Symphonic Series 2022-23

The Grand Symphonic Series 2022-23

The 19th Season

Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Amos Talmon

Concert No.1  16.9.22

Grieg: “Dawn” from peer Gynt

Grieg: Concerto for piano and Orchestra

Piano: Ms. Dorel Golan

Concert No.2     23.10.22

Famous Movies – Video on huge led screen

Dr.Zhivago, Mary Poppins, Bonnie and Clyde, For a Fistful of Dollars, O.K. coral, Hawaii 5.0, The Sound of Music, Bullit, The Longest Day, the Alamo, The Jungle Book, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, Clockwork Orange, Laurence Man of Arabia, Charade, Shaft, High Noon and more.

Concert No.3   1.1.23  New Year’s Concert

“Lights of Paris”

Bizet: excerpts from Carmen suites

Chopin: piano concerto No.2 - 2nd movement 

Ravel: piano concerto No.1 - 2nd movement

Gilbert Beceaud: Nathalie

Yves Montand: A Paris

                           Dead Leaves

                           Les Grand Boulevards

St.Saens: piano concerto No.2, 3rd movement - finale

Edith Piaf: No, I Regret Nothing

                  Under The Sky of Paris

Gounod: waltz from Faust 

Soloist in classical piano pieces: Tom Zalmanov 

Background comments by Amos Talmon 

Songs arranged for piano and orchestra by Eldad Shrem

Concert no.4     18.2.23

Mozart: overture “Marriage of Figaro”

Mozart: concerto for flute, Harp and orchestra

Flute: Ella Issakov

Harp: Olga Moitilis

Beethoven: symphony No.6, ״Pastorale”

Concert No.5     2.4.23

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

Mozart: concerto for piano and orchestra No .21

Pianist: Tom Zalmanov

Mendelssohn: symphony No.4, “The Italian”

Concert No.6     18.6.23

Berlioz: overture “Roman Carnival”

Mozart: concerto for violin and orchestra No.3

Violin: Mark Tiktiner

Berlioz: Te Deum

Tel-Aviv Chamber Choir

Madrigal Singers Choir

Tel-Aviv Philharmonic Choir

Bat-Shir Choir

Tenor: Eitan Drori

 * program is subject to changes

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