The Grand Symphonic Series 2023-24

The Grand Symphonic Series 2023-24

* The program is subject to changes

Concert No.1  29.10.23

Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Amos Talmon

Pianist : Dorel Golan

Cohen:           Festive Overture                                    

Tchaikovsky: piano concerto No.1              

Khachaturian : “Spartacus” suite

                        “Gayaneh” - excerpts

Concert No.2     6.12.23

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Conductor :Julian Rachlin , Austria

Violin : Julian Rachlin , Austria

Dvorak : “Carnival” overture

Mendelssohn : violin concerto No.1

Dvorak : symphony No.9n” From The New World”

Concert No.3   1.1.24 - New Year’s Concert

Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Conductor : Amos Talmon

With additional winds/brass band

Shostakovich : Symphony No.15              

Fun New-Year’s delights :

Viennese Highlights                                    

Leroy Anderson hits  

Sousa : Stars and Stripes, Marines’ Hymn, The Washington Post                                

Concert no.4     4.2.24

Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Conductor : Giovanni Pompeo , Italy

Cello : Haran Meltzer

Debussy :     Afternoon of a Faun   10’

Saint-Saens : cello concerto        

Tchaikovsky : Romeo and Juliet  

Prokofiev :     Romeo and Juliet  

Concert No.5     7.4.24

Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Amos Talmon

Clarinet: Yevgeny Yehudin

Saint George: violin concerto No.9    

Mozart : clarinet concerto            

Frank : symphony No.1

Concert No.6     2.6.24

Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Conductor : Amos Talmon

Lavri : symphonic poem “Emek”

Liszt : Les Preludes - No.3          

Tchaikovsky : symphony No.5    

Concert No.7   2.7.24

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Conductor : Julian Rachlin, Austria

Pianist : Alexander Malofeev , Germany

Glinka : “Ruslan and Lyudmila” overture

Rachmaninov : piano concerto no.2

Berlioz : Symphonie Fantastique

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